A paddle boarder in Australia was attempting to get a closer look at a pod of dolphins swimming near shore, when he was suddenly body slammed and thrown off his board.

When Andrew Hill hopped on his paddle board to watch a pod of roughly 20 dolphins chase and hunt fish in their natural environment, the last thing he expected was to take a hit like this!

The description under Viral Hog’s video states the following about the situation:

Waiting to film surfers when Lucas noticed a pod of dolphins that appeared to be chasing fish. The pod of about 20 dolphins then turned to catch a wave, when one dolphin jumped out of the water and knocked Stand Up Paddle Boarder Andrew Hill off his board with a nice bump!

Upon watching the clip several times, it almost appears as if the dolphins orchestrated the entire thing:

That guy’s probably heading for the concussion protocol after taking a hit like that. . .

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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