Wildlife officials in Nebraska dealt with a “crazy phenomenon” earlier this week after somebody reported a group of six squirrels that were tangled together by their tails. 

I kid you knot. 

“It was like a tug of war,” Craig Luttman told the Omaha World-Herald after discovering the animals moving together as a unit on a tree outside his Elkhorn home.

According to the newspaper, Laura Stastny, executive director of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, said the squirrel’s tails got stuck together because of tree sap. Then, after spending time in close-quarters of a nest, their tails tangled into a big, fluffy knot.

The Nebraska Humane Society turned the squirrels over to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, where they were administered an anesthetic, covered with a towel to keep calm, and untangled one-by-one. The entire process reportedly took around one hour.

This is a rare occurrence, however it has happened before.

All the squirrels are doing okay, Stastny said, although some of their tails were apparently damaged while tangled together and will now require surgery. 

Image courtesy Facebook

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