Police Officer Shows Up After Maryland Couple Posts Photos of Morel Mushrooms on Facebook


A couple in Maryland received a visit from a police officer after posting photos of their morel mushrooms on Facebook.

John Garrison posted a series of photos with his girlfriend, Hope Deery, on Facebook showing off the couple’s morel mushroom find while out hunting for the sought after fungi one afternoon.

“Mountain Morels!!! About to sautee them with brown sugar and cinnamon and see how that turns out,” his Facebook post reads.

Garrison claims a few hours after eating the mushrooms, a police officer showed up at their door and questioned the couple about posting pictures of psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms.

But the police officer had made a mistake.

“We let them in and as soon as the police officer walked in he asked us why we were eating mushrooms and posting about it online.” 

Fortunately, another officer showed up and confirmed the mushrooms weren’t of the mind-altering type.

Garrison and his girlfriend were thus let off the hook.

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