Grizzly Bear On Golf Course Sends Golfers Running


For most golf courses, in the instance inclimate weather rolls in during your round, they will offer a “rain check” to come back and play another day. A golf course in north central Montana, however, issued a “bear check” after a grizzly bear strolled onto the course sending golfers running for the clubhouse, USA Today reports.

Mikel Martin, manager of the 9-hole Pondera Golf Course, said “a lady ran in from hole one saying, ‘There’s a bear on the course. Can I get reimbursed?'”

So, the golf course called in wildlife experts to help.

Wesley Sarmento, a bear management specialist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks assisted in removing the hazard.

“It charged our from the brush at us, then did a tight 90-degree angle turn,” said Sarmento. The FWC officer shot the bear with a dart from 12 feet away, and the bear then ran to the backyard of a residence just north of the golf course.

The bear was relocated to Coral Creek in the North Fork of the Flathead River.

This comes after U.S. Fish & Wildlife officials in Wyoming approved the first grizzly bear hunt to take place in the lower 48 states since 1975.

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