Video: Lion Cub Embarrasses WWE Wrestlers in Tug-of-War


How many WWE wrestlers does it take to win a tug-of-war match against a lion cub? Well, apparently more than 3. . . In the video below, a young lion cub embarrasses three professional wrestlers who clearly don’t skip many days in the gym.

As Fox News reports, WWE NXT stars Ricochet, Fabian Aichner and Smackdown star Killian Dain visited the San Antonio Zoo last month, where they were filmed playing a game with a 2-and-a-half-year-old lion cub.

Although, the “game” quickly turned into an impressive show of strength for the lion cub, and an epic embarrassment for three dudes who each look like they can pull a truck on their own.

By simply digging in it’s heels, the young lion cub didn’t even budge!

The zoo then posed the question to their Twitter followers:


“She’s not moving,” one of the wrestlers says as he throws in the towel.

And let this be a reminder to never mess around with animals in the wild. Chances are you will lose, and could even end up getting seriously injured.

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