Video: Trail Camera Placed Over Bear Kill Proves Nature Doesn’t Waste Anything


A man came across an elk carcass and what he thought was a bear kill in Washington State, so he decided to use the opportunity to see what would show up when nobody was around.

We’ve seen some particularly incredible trail-cam photos here on OutdoorHub in the past, and you can now add this eye-opening video to the pile:

The first thing that stood out to us, was the bear and the amount of time it spends near the kill. Now, it is possible that the bear just stumbled upon it like the man who put the trail cameras up, but if we had to guess, we’d say the bear likely had something to do with the elk showing up dead in the first place.

Other than that, it’s your typical cast who shows up to the party. Coyotes, vultures, even bugs all work together to ensure that nothing goes to waste. As you can see, in the span of just one week, nothing but bones remain.

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