Shark Mystery: 100 Baby Hammerhead Sharks Found Dead Sparks Investigation


Another unfortunate shark mystery is being investigated after nearly 100 hammerhead sharks were found dumped near a lagoon outside of Honolulu.

The sharks were discovered along Keehi Lagoon, near the La Mariana Sailing Club, which sits roughly 5 miles west of Honolulu. A worker at the sailing club, Samuel Etrata, spoke about finding the pile of sharks:

I see the sharks right from here and then I walked farther and I see all this fish, the sharks across the barricade. It is very disturbing.

Etrata told KHON2 he called the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, which is now investigating the matter. There are no immediate leads as to who was responsible for dumping the shark pups.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports Keehi Lagoon is a notorious location for hammerhead pupping season.

Director of the Waikiki Aquarium, Andrew Rossiter told Honolulu’s Fox 2 that he has never seen so many baby sharks killed at one time, and he suspects the baby sharks (called pups) were probably caught in a gill net.

“To breathe they have to keep moving, so once they’re in the net for even two to three minutes, they’re unable to breathe and they suffocate,” Rossiter said.

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