Video: Australian Woman Hand-Feeding Shark Nearly Loses Finger


A woman in Australia had a slight mental lapse while hand feeding a bunch of sharks, and was nearly dragged in the water during the process.

Melissa Brunning was visiting Gugong Bay in Western Australia for her summer vacation. Her trip was filled with paradisaical beach views, remote islands, and one scary moment of screaming and thrashing that seems to have accentuated her entire trip.

The cellphone video taken during the incident has since made its way from Brunning’s Facebook page all the way to national headlines.

The video shows the moment a shark approached Melissa from a slightly awkward angle. As she goes to feed the shark, it apparently bites down on her finger, causing Melissa to react. She instinctively goes to stand up, and either falls or is pulled into the shark infested water.

Luckily, the whole ordeal didn’t last long. The shark let go, and a friend assisted in pulling Melissa out of the water. And despite her fears, with all fingers still intact.

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