Natural Resources Board Considers Early Closure of Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse Season


Wildlife agencies have proposed an early closure of the Wisconsin ruffed grouse season, which opens September 15 in Zone A and October 20 in Zone B.

The proposed closure date is November 30 for Zone A, while Zone B is scheduled to close on December 8. If the proposal passes though, Zone A and Zone B will close simultaneously on November 30.

The reason wildlife agencies are considering tinkering with the ruffed grouse season this year is the population, at least in northern and central Wisconsin, where many avid uplanders will argue the best habitat exists, has had to persevere through harsh weather-related events during crucial nesting and brooding periods, as well as possible infections from West Nile virus, although the virus has not yet been officially confirmed in Wisconsin grouse.

In a news release, the RGS states they won’t take a stand either way in regards to the shorter season. They also encouraged hunters NOT to shy away from putting boots on the ground this season. They even emphasized how collecting and testing birds will play a large roll in helping the grouse population.

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