Throwback Thursday: This Boat Launch Fail Will Give You a Sinking Feeling


Looking back at failed boat launches from the past never seems to get old, and this one will really give you a sinking feeling in your stomach.

The questions start piling up immediately as the video rolls, and it’s about to go from bad to a whole lot worse.

If towing the sunken SUV out of the lake with a jet ski trailer wasn’t a bad enough idea. . . was a rope that looks the dog’s leash really the only thing they had available? You can probably see where this is going by now, so take a look at this throwback Thursday video¬†for a good laugh:


So close, yet so far. . .

And did you happen to notice that guy pushing the SUV up the ramp nearly get his foot run over after the rope snapped? This might just go down as one of the worst days at the boat launch in history. What do you think?

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