Video: Taxidermist Uses Electrostatic to Recreate a Beauty Velvet Buck


We understand the anxiety you feel when dropping off one of your prized trophies at the taxidermist. In this video, take a behind the scenes look as a taxidermist works to recreate a buck in velvet mount using electrostatic to get the minuscule fibers to stick.

“I applied artificial velvet on mule deer and blacktail racks yesterday for a taxidermist in Minnesota,” the Facebook post reads

Have you ever seen anything like that before?

The method uses static electricity, similar to when you rub a balloon on your head, to help fibers cling to the antler, which appears covered in a sticky substance to help them stay put. Pretty clever!

I don’t know about you, but taking a velvet buck is definitely on my personal “bowhunting bucket list.” It’s not something you really plan for, but it would certainly be a lasting memory for years to come. Plus the fuzzy antlers look awesome!

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