Incredible Footage Captures Golden Eagle Take Down Two Fighting Wood Grouse


Animals square off against one another all the time to determine who runs the show, who gets the mate, or who is in charge of food sources. This video of two fighting wood grouse, however, shows how some predators will use these tense moments to snag a quick meal.

The video shows two western capercaillie – also known as wood grouse – in a all holds barred match, when a golden eagle swoops in and interrupts. What happens next is unbelievable.

Check out the video, and make sure to watch until the end:

Should have bolted when you had the chance!

You would think that second grouse would have gotten out of there when the eagle took down its rival, but he stuck around and caught the eagle’s talons too.

Wood grouse are known for being the largest species of grouse in the world. Clearly though, they’re still no match for a determined golden eagle.

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