Stephen Tucker Harvests Handsome Velvet Buck During Tennessee’s Late August Archery Season


Big bucks apparently come in bunches, as a familiar face we saw harvest two dandy bucks last deer season, kept it rolling this year during Tennessee’s late August archery season.

Tennessee wildlife officials voted back in May to establish the Volunteer State’s first ever three-day season – at least since the modern era of wildlife management began – to allow hunters an opportunity to bag a velvet buck. The hunt was scheduled to be held on August 24-26.

Now, the hunt is already done and over with, but we saw a familiar face out in the field and he was able to shoot himself a handsome velvet 10-point:

You might recognize Stephen Tucker from last season, when he took down a giant 312-inch non-typical whitetail that landed him a spot atop the Boone and Crockett record books.

“First afternoon of the first ever Tennessee velvet hunt was a success!” Tucker wrote in the caption of his Facebook post.

Nothing like setting the bar high for your upcoming deer season, am I right?

Congratulations on the awesome deer, Stephen! We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more success stories from you this fall. Good luck!

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