Video: Cam Hanes Weighs In On Federal Judge Blocking Proposed Grizzly Bear Hunt


A federal judge implemented a 14-day hold on the lower 48’s first public land grizzly bear hunt in over 40 years, and was celebrated by many. But, those of us in the hunting/conservation community see things quite differently.

Now, the proposed grizzly bear season – and the sudden blockade – has sparked several debates between pro-conservation groups and anti-hunting folks, but some key details are being left out. As you will soon hear, those who support the order say the recategorization of the grizzly population from an endangered species to one that is no longer endangered is, “biologically unsound.”

In an effort to set the record straight, Cam Hanes joined Dana Loesch in a short segment on NRATV to weigh in on the matter from a conservationist point-of-view:

Perhaps the most important – and overlooked – aspect of the whole debate is the fact that this proposed hunting season is very limited and structured to take specific animals with consideration of the greater grizzly population (around 2,000 bears) still in mind.

The initial plan permits hunters to harvest – at most – 23 bears in total across both states. To ensure this, officials set up an incredibly structured plan with strict guidelines in place for hunters to follow:

Idaho, for example, issued just one single grizzly bear tag for the entire season.

In Wyoming, hunters are allowed up to 12 bears from one specific hunting area, with another area allowing up to 10 bears OR one female bear killed and the season is over in that area. The thought being that the female bear has more of an impact on the population.

Where do you stand on this debate?

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