Video: Wildlife Biologist and Son Recovering After Brutal Giraffe Attack


A wildlife biologist and her three-year-old son were left fighting for their lives after a brutal giraffe attack near their home in South Africa.

According to Today, Dr. Katy Williams, 35, has emerged from a coma and has been able to communicate using sign language for the first time since the incident occurred. Her son, Finn, remains in stable condition after undergoing surgery to release pressure on his brain.

This horrible attack took place Monday near the family’s home in the Blyde Wildlife Estate near South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Dr. Sam Williams, Katy’s husband, had just returned from a run to find his wife and son being trampled by a giraffe, who was seemingly being defensive of her two-month-old calf. The large animal likely confused the two as being a threat to her newborn and acted accordingly. Sam was fortunately able to scare off the giraffe.

“It was amazing to see Katy wake up and to be able to talk to her and to reassure her that we are there for her,” Same told NBC News. “Finn is stable and I hope that in time he will also wake up so that we can all be reunited as a family,” he added.

Giraffes are normally viewed as Africa’s gentle giants, but people need to be aware these large animals are fiercely protective of their young and have a kick that can be deadly.

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