Realtree Unveils New Timber Camo Pattern for Waterfowl Fanatics


Designed with the knowledge of Realtree President Bill Jordan, seasoned waterfowl experts, and other outdoor industry icons, Realtree’s new Timber camo pattern is “carved straight from the delta,” providing hunters with an ultra-realistic camouflage pattern combining natural elements with new advancements in technology and printing to create incredible depth of field further adding to its concealment abilities.

Here’s a statement from Realtree regarding their new state of the art waterfowl pattern:

“When it comes to dedication, heritage and tradition, no other outdoor pursuit comes close to waterfowl hunting. So, when we decided to create our new Realtree Timber™, Bill Jordan and our design team met with some of the most legendary waterfowl hunters, industry icons, local experts and world-class guides to understand their vision for what makes an effective waterfowl camo. We asked questions. We took notes. We tested and tested again until we were sure we had something truly special. Built off the foundations of Realtree camouflage patterns, new Realtree Timber takes advantage of advances in technology and printing, allowing us to create a revolutionary waterfowl pattern that is truly carved from the Delta so you can own the flyway.”

New Timber Camo Pattern

“For me, camouflage is all about effectiveness,” said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. “Blending into your surroundings and staying concealed from game is the bottom line. Of course, creating a pattern with accurate colors that print consistently and look great is important too. We make sure that our patterns are consistent on everything from boots to bows and everything else you need. New Realtree Timber does all these things. Plus it’s a completely new camouflage concept. The pattern perfectly combines abstract design with realistic natural elements. We also created an incredibly erratic design for increased 3-dismentional look and camouflage effectiveness. Its universal look will adapt to numerous hunting situations.”

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