Yup, You Really Can Catch Musky on a Homemade Fidget Spinner Lure


Most anglers have a “go-to” lure they believe can catch fish at any given time, others like Uncut Angling’s Aaron Wiebe, like to push the boundaries and see what kind of wacky lures fish will actually strike. Wiebe, to his credit, has had some past success crafting a lure from a YouTube play button award, but will fish take interest in his homemade fidget spinner lure?

Find out in the video below:

You have to hand it to the guy, that was pretty dang clever!

Admittedly, we thought he’d have no luck at all, but Aaron sure proved us wrong. The real kicker was when he grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped off a few chunks of hair right off his own head for the lure’s bucktail – now that’s what you call leaving it all on the field!

Nice work on a fantastic fish, Aaron! Now, the tough part is deciding which is better. . . the fish itself, or the lure you caught it on. It’s also a good thing he got it all on film too! You can imagine his buddies giving him a hard time when he tries to convince them the fish are biting toys from the gas station this time of year.

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