Video: Black Bear Violently Turns Tables on Wisconsin Hunter: ‘He Got Me’


A hunter in Wisconsin suddenly found the roles reversed when a large black bear violently turned the tables and attacked him, leaving wounds over much of his body.

Tye Carlson walked away from the encounter, but not before the 350-pound black bear was able to inflict some pretty serious damage. Carlson has been hunting black bears for over 40 years, and never once had an alarming experience with a bear. That all changed recently, however.

“He popped out and he wasn’t going to stop. He just ran me over and started biting on me,” Carlson says in the video below.

Check out the interview with Carlson below to hear more details of the chilling encounter:

The attack lasted for what must have seemed like hours, but was finally broken up when another hunter from his party was able to shoot the bear.

Carlson was also able to use his firearm on the bear several times, but it hardly fazed the animal. Even his partner’s hunting dog wasn’t able to steal the bear’s attention. It was locked in, and 100% focused on Carlson.

“He was going down swinging, and that’s what he did. I got lucky. I got away with one. That’s what I did,” Carlson stated.

Upon an examination, the bear was check for rabies and deemed clear. Carlson, on the other hand, lost a hefty amount of blood and received dozens of stitches to close the wounds.

Still, Carlson doesn’t hold any¬†animosity towards the bruin.

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