Mossy Oak OVERWATCH Named Official Camo Pattern of the NRA


As part of a multi-year commitment, the NRA has designated Mossy Oak as its “Official Camouflage Partner.” As the Official Camouflage Partner, Mossy Oak has developed an all-new pattern exclusive to the NRA called Mossy Oak OVERWATCH.

Mossy Oak and the National Rifle Association have forged a partnership to promote the preservation of hunting heritage and the Second Amendment.

The revolutionary design for the Overwatch pattern utilizes cutting-edge design technology and features the NRA logo embedded within the pattern, making it easy for NRA members to show their support and passion for their American right to keep and bear arms and the protection of America’s hunting, fishing, and outdoors heritage.

“Our rights to manage and pursue the natural resources of this great land are something we take very seriously here at Mossy Oak,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “The NRA is the leader in preserving the opportunities we have as conservationists, hunters, and law-abiding citizens with the right to keep and bear arms. We live in a time where those topics are each facing their greatest opposition. That is why it is with great honor and excitement we are uniting with the NRA, so we can lay down our heads at night knowing that we are doing everything we can to carry out our mission to help people live their best life outdoors for years to come.”

Mossy Oak Overwatch
Mossy Oak

Our initial reaction to this camo pattern is that is looks fairly versatile, capable of creeping through a patch of hardwoods or putting the sneaks on a muley out west. The darker shade of this pattern is unique, and we like it for those gloomy fall days in a treestand when all the leaves have already hit the ground. It appears as a modern take on a classic camo pattern Mossy Oak has been known for for centuries.

This pattern won’t be available until 2019, but we’ll be keeping an eager eye out for this to hit the market.

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