Video: Remember When This Guy Rigged a Shotgun Shell Trap to Stop Holiday Package Thieves?


A video trending online recently shows one man’s genius solution to stop holiday package thieves, and it reminded us of a┬áman in Seattle, Washington who was dealing with a similar problem last year. We posted both videos below, and want to know which you think would be more effective.

The first video is from last year, when a man rigged up a device he calls “The Blank Box,” and it’s sure to scare the pants off anybody looking to quickly nab a package off your porch.

First, he gets an ordinary empty box. Next, he rigs the empty box with some fishing line and a 12 gauge shotgun blank, and it’s on:

Judging by the reactions of those who attempt to swipe this sinister little package, we doubt they’ll ever try that again!

The next video shows what appears to be an Apple HomePod, but it’s actually a brilliant – and sparkly – little booby trap:

So after viewing both videos, which booby trap would you place on your front porch this holiday season? I’m all for these idiots getting the crap scared out of them, but given the choice between the two, I would probably go with the glitter bomb. I just love the thought of somebody opening that inside their car!

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