PETA Slams Super Bowl Halftime Performer For Wearing Fur Coat


After a rather mundane performance on the field, a majority of post Super Bowl LIII talk has been dominated by the – dare I say, head-scratching – halftime performance. And wouldn’t you know it, PETA chimed in once again to criticize one of the performer’s outfit choices.

In case you used halftime to showoff the new additions to your trophy room, Maroon 5 headlined, followed by Travis Scott and then Atlanta rapper Big Boi rolled onto the scene donning a large fur coat.

And before the game had even come to an end, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had already tweeted a side by side image of the Georgia native in his fur coat, next to a picture of a fox asking ‘who wore it better?’

In the tweet, PETA wrote, “if animals have to be murdered for your coat, just choose something else for fox sake.”

PETA didn’t just stop there either..

The organization continued to take jabs at the rapper, even borrowing a line from a song he performed to call him out again:

Big Boi has yet to respond to PETA’s tweets to this point, and we pretty much expect it to stay that way.

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