Here’s Your Reminder to Always Apply the Parking Brake When Launching a Boat


While you’re shaking off the rust of being stuck indoors all winter long, here’s a reminder to always engage the parking brake while you are launching your boat this summer.

With the weather shaping up (finally), many folks will soon be pulling their boat out of storage to hit the lakes this summer. Just do yourself a favor and go slow, you don’t want to forget something important, like, say, the parking brake and end up like this guy:


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Can someone please tell me wtf is going on here 😳 . Follow us: @instagramfishing

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That was a little too close for comfort!

We can only assume he forgot to apply the parking brake here, and then once he realized it, his natural reaction was to try and get out and stop the car from rolling backwards. But that just isn’t going to happen..

We don’t have any details regarding any injuries he potentially suffered, we’re just glad he wasn’t flattened by his vehicle!

To lighten the mood a little, watch this clip from ‘Family Guy’ making fun of boat launch failures.

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