Watch: Tornado Touches Down in Kansas, Appears to Hit Storm Chaser’s Vehicle


It’s peak thunderstorm season right now, which means storm chasers are on the move and have their eyes (and cameras, thankfully) glued to the sky in search of a developing twister.

When a tornado touched down in a field in Minneola, Kansas last week, storm chaser Connor McCrorey was right there to capture it on camera moments before the edges brushed against his car.

McCrorey was recording from inside his vehicle while the twister barreled towards and swept across the road, pounding his car with heavy winds and debris.

Watch the gripping footage below:

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center is calling for increased tornado and severe weather activity in portions of northwest Texas and Oklahoma, as well as surrounding parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. If you live in these areas, take the proper precautions and definitely leave the storm chasing to the professionals.

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