Drone Footage Captures Massive School of Cownose Rays Off Australia’s Bondi Beach


Australia never fails to disappoint when it comes to capturing stunning videos of wildlife, and this footage showing a massive school of cownose rays is the perfect example.

The video showing hundreds of cownose rays “cruising” past Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia was captured via the ‘Drone Shark App’ – a mobile app providing drone footage for surfers, including a shark spotting drone for beachgoer protection.

“We haven’t seen this before, so it’s a first for Drone Shark App,” the post reads:

Two species of cownose ray are commonly found in Australian waters.

Australia cownose rays often travel in large schools near the surface. They’re distinctly identified by a bi-lobed head, with two large fleshy lobes under the snout, and the mouth is found on its underside, according to the Australian Museum.

The second is the Javanese Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera javanica which populates northern Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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