Viral Video: Jarvis Landry’s Daughter Strikes Up Friendship With Baby Deer


This video of Jarvis Landry’s daughter meeting a baby deer is the cutest video you will see all day.. maybe even all year!

The Cleveland Browns star wide receiver was out in the yard one morning when a baby deer befriended his daughter while the two played a game of peekaboo from behind a recycling container.

The video immediately went viral on social media, gaining nearly 2 million views on Instagram and even a mention on “The Today Show” on NBC.


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Jarvis Landry’s daughter meeting a baby deer will make your day. 🙌 (via @juice_landry, h/t clevezirm/Twitter)

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According to WKYC, Landry spoke about the encounter at Tuesday’s practice at the Browns’ three-day mandatory minicamp:

“Went outside to play around in the morning time,” Landry said. “We took a walk, a normal walk. We got back and I went to the garage, and when I came out of the garage, they were already best friends.”

And it sounds like Landry’s daughter held her composure a lot better than her dad did..

“She wasn’t,” Landry continued. “I was more afraid than she was.”

The baby deer walks right up to Jarvis’ daughter and even lets her pet it – “it’s soft,” she says – and that’s when she says something along the lines of ‘can we bring it inside?’ Landry tells her they can’t do that because the fawn lost its mother, but they CAN try to find it some food. His daughter agrees, and they begin to head inside with the deer following right along side the little girl.

The video cuts before they give the deer some snacks, but either way, it is ADORABLE!!!

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