Grasshopper Invasion: Storm of Grasshoppers Take Over Las Vegas Strip


A storm rolled through Las Vegas over the weekend, but this wasn’t your typical weather system accompanied by thunder and lighting. The city was swarmed by a grasshopper invasion so large, it looked like an actual storm was approaching on weather radar.

In a tweet on Saturday, The National Weather Service office in Las Vegas said people had been asking about the “widespread radar returns” in the city over the past few nights.

When looking at the radar, CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said it looked as if two storms had settled over the Vegas area: one just north of the city (which was actual rain) and another over Las Vegas. However, the second “cloud” wasn’t acting like rain typically would, she explained.

Much like the rest of Nevada, Las Vegas experienced nearly twice as much rain in 2019 than normal. According to Click on Detroit, the city has received 4.63 inches of rain to date – considerably more than its usual average of 2.38 inches in the same period.

“It appears through history that when we have a wet winter or spring, these things build up often down below Laughlin and even into Arizona,” Jeff Knight, state entomologist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, said. “We’ll have flights (of grasshoppers) about this time of the year, migrations, and they’ll move northward.”

Search grasshopper invasion on Twitter, and you’ll be greeted by a collection of videos and images from residents and news outlets showing the biblical-like swarm of grasshoppers taking over the city:

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