Shocking Video: Electrofishing Stuns Hundreds of Invasive Carp


A team working with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources collected invasive Asian Carp for study using electrofishing equipment to stun the fish.

The video below shows a massive amount of fish jumping out of the water as wildlife staff gather them into their boat. These invasive Asian Carp are the target for a study the team is conducting to see how effective a “Bio-Accoustic Fish Fence” might be in keeping the carp out of specific waterways, the department said.

Turn the volume up for this one:

Officials say this invasive species is wiping out food sources for local fish populations, which immediately threatens the region’s fishing industry.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. KDFWR shined some light on the current situation after a Facebook user asked what the non native carp are doing to our ecosystem. They responded in the comments saying:

“Asian Carp compete with our native fish and other organisms for food and space. Thankfully it appears the commercial fishing removal is helping; we are receiving many reports from guides and anglers that the fisheries in the region are improving as a result of these ongoing efforts to combat the carp.”

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is also partnering with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, HeadquartersU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)Tennessee Wildlife Resources AgencyTennessee Valley Authority, local government and fishing industry to battle Asian Carp and protect our fisheries and fishing!

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