WATCH: 6×7 Bull Elk Tripping Over Fence, Breaks Neck While Chasing Cows


This bull elk tripping over a fence and breaking its neck is one of those stories you wouldn’t believe unless someone had video of it actually happening, which in this case, we do.

David Cross posted the video to his YouTube page, after he was forced to yield to a huge herd of elk parading across the road in front of him. Thinking he would document the roadblock in case nobody believed a parade of elk just ‘showed up out of nowhere,’ there’s no way Cross could have anticipated what he was about to see.

By my count, 26 cow elk manage to clear the fence safely, but then a bull elk comes chasing – his mind seemingly caught up on all the girls – and he makes a fatal error.

Can you imagine seeing this right in front of your eyes on your way to elk camp?

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