Playing Through: Pro Wakeboarder, Steel Lafferty, Hits Golf Shot Next to 7-Foot Alligator


If you’re golfing in Florida, there’s two things you need to have: a dialed in wedge game, and nerves of steel (no pun intended) for when you have to share the teebox with alligators.

Steel Lafferty, a professional wakeboarder, was out enjoying a round of golf last week when he found himself standing behind one of the scariest shots in golf – that’s including any tee shot at Pebble Beach Golf Links along the fabled “Cliffs of Doom.”

It looks like Steel just missed the fairway with his approach shot here, but that’s the very least of his concerns with this golf shot..


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Golfing in Florida is just different… 🐊

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Not bad!

Sometimes with those touchy shots into the green, it helps to step up and hit the shot without thinking too much about it. Perhaps Steel just unlocked the secret to his golf game; pretend there’s an alligator in the fairway and just grip it and rip it. What do you say to that, Bryson Dechambeau?

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