Video: Remi Warren Hunts for Alaska Moose Through the Chugach Mountains


Do you have a date circled on the calendar for your first hunt of the year? If so, you probably get distracted at work planning your approach and might also get a knot down in your stomach when you start thinking about it in depth. I’m in the same boat over here!

From the looks of things, this hunting season is shaping up to be nothing short of epic. Plans for opening day have been made, two hunt camps are on the books – including one out of state – and travel arrangements have been made for two hunts out of the country! As you can imagine, the anticipation is nearly unbearable.

So, along with the camouflage clothing and archery equipment sprawled throughout my entire house, it’s been nothing but hunting videos playing on my TV as of late.

In my opinion, Under Armour Hunt does a really nice job capturing the raw elements of hunting, leaving any antics and booming music out. Also, following along with hunters like Remi Warren, you’re bound to pick up on some useful knowledge you might have lacked prior to hitting the play button.

Here’s a good example; in this video, Remi and his brother, Jason, take on the Chugach Mountains in pursuit of one of North America’s largest big game species, the Alaska Moose. The video might only capture about 10% of what actually goes into a successful hunt, but you can rest assured Remi cuts no corners when heading into the depths of Alaska. Pay close attention to what Jason says about his brother’s preparation leading up to a hunt, and how it likely makes the difference between being successful and walking out empty handed.

How’s that for cutting it close?

Taking a hunt down to the wire is one thing, but spotting a bull while you’re rolling up your sleeping bag? That’s classic!

Remi embodies everything it means to be a true hunter. Even with his social media presence, it seems hunting is always the forefront of his every move – not his reputation, not his following, not even the brand of boots he’s wearing..

These are the type of people who will take hunting forward.

If you liked this video, stay tuned for our trip to Newfoundland later this year where we’ll be chasing the Eastern Canadian species of Moose across some truly spectacular terrain. See you soon!

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