Loading Up On MTN OPS During ‘OPSTOBER’ Can Score You Some Epic Prizes


Is it just me, or did the alarm clock have a sweeter ring to it this morning? Perhaps it’s because October is finally here again, and there’s so much to be stoked about this month! On top of any hunting trips you may have booked already, MTN OPS is piling on the reasons why we love October so dearly. They officially deemed the month “OPSTOBER” which basically means there’s no better time to load up on your favorite MTN OPS products than now!

“OPSTOBER is back and bigger than ever! To celebrate our favorite month of the year, we’re bringing the noise! With over $40,000 in OPSBOX Prize Packages up for grabs and every single order automatically receiving a randomized prize, ranging from; free product, huge discounts and more!”

So, how can you get in on these prizes?

1. Apply your desired OPSBOX code at checkout: 

During the checkout process, apply the code of the OPSBOX Prize Package you would like to be entered for. (Example: Use Code DUCK to be entered into the waterfowl hunt giveaway).


2. Join MTN OPS recently introduced insider autoship program: 

If you’re an insider, you’re automatically entered to win EVERY. SINGLE. OPSBOX!

So, in addition to free shipping AND 10% off all of your auto ship orders, you’re automatically entered for each prize package.

And there’s more!


In addition to all of your automatic entries during the month of October, you’re qualified to win MTN OPS exclusive “Insider OPSBOX” for a “3rd Season Colorado Rifle Deer Hunt Package.”

Hopefully you thought ahead and loaded up on MTN OPS before heading out for your first hunting trip of the season, but if not, you can score big time when you restock for the next!

The way October always seems to fly by, you do not want to sleep on this! Before heading out to sit to death on the side of a mountain, in a deer stand or wherever the chase takes you this fall, get over to MTN OPS and pick up some IGNITE to help fuel your hunts. IGNITE is not only a must for those all day sits, but it’s one of my personal favorites from MTN OPS. The flavors are great, you can feel a difference in cardiovascular endurance and the best part, they come in convenient trail packs so you can take them with you anywhere.

3. Every order wins during OPSTOBER:

After placing your order and entering to win your favorite OPSBOX, you’ll receive your order with a randomized prize! From free AMMO, IGNITE, Discounts or one of the lucky winners of our random prize giveaways.

The bottom line, everyone wins during OPSTOBER!


To answer any other questions you might still have, we’ll let Matt Davis, VP sales and marketing at MTN OPS explain it for you. Take it away, Matt:

Now, lets take a look at these epic prizes.

Below is a list of the gear included in each OPSBOX with its corresponding code you can use to enter at checkout:

If you use the code ‘COUGAR’ at checkout, you could win:

  • • Weatherby Accumark Pro Carbon 6/5 Creedmore
  • • Under Armour set (Ridge Reaper Alpine pants and jacket)
  • • Hornady ELD-X (100 Rounds)
  • • UA Boots (UA infil Ops Gore Tex)
  • • YETI Tundra 35 in Desert Tan
  • • $100 MO Gift Card
  • $9,500 total value

If you use the code’FISH’ at checkout, you could win:

  • • Simms G3 Guide Wader
  • • Sage Foundation Outfit (Rod, Reel, Line)
  • • Simms G3 Wading Boots
  • • Simms Freestone Sling Fishing Pack
  • • YETI Hopper
  • • YETI Rambler 26oz bottle
  • • MTN OPS Swag (Ignite, Blender bottle, hat)
  • • $100 MO Gift Card
  • $4,900 total value

If you use the code ‘DUCK’ at checkout, you could win:

  • • Winchester SX4 3.5 28″ Mossyoak ShawdowGrass
  • • Lacrosse waiters (wetlands Realtree Max-5)
  • • Duck Calls
  • • Federal Ammo
  • • YETI Rambler 26 oz
  • • MTN OPS swag (Ignite, Blender bottle, hat)
  • • $100 MO Gift Card
  • $4,900 total value

If you use the code ‘UPLAND’ at checkout, you could win:

  • • Browning Maxus 3″ / 26″
  • • Browning Upland Set (3 layer gore, gore field pant, strap vest)
  • • Federal Ammo
  • • Danner Boots (Pronghorn)
  • • YETI Rambler 26 oz
  • $5,400 total value

The exclusive insiders OPSBOX for the “3rd Season Colorado Rifle Deer Hunt Package” includes:

  • • Christensen .300 PRC (brown or black)
  • • Sitka gear (Apex pant and Kelvin Hoody)
  • • Nevada GTX Insulated
  • • Leupold Optics (BX-2 Alpine 8×42)
  • • Cordova Cooler (100 large cooler)
  • • Hornady ELD-X (100 Rounds)
  • • $100 MO Gift Card
  • $9,800 total value
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