Video: Recreating Your Favorite ‘Rambo’ Moment With Exploding Broadhead Tips


Assuming you’ve seen the films, what’s your favorite ‘Rambo’ moment? Between “They drew first blood not me” and “Murdock.. I’m coming to get YOU” this is a tough one! However, if you’ve ever pulled back a bow, there’s a good chance you find yourself partial to his exploding broadhead tips.

Could those actually work? What arrow weight is he shooting? How much poundage would be required to get the arrow shooting fast enough to explode?

I can almost guarantee these are all thoughts that have run through your head at least once while binge watching the ‘Rambo’ movies.

So, in the YouTube video below, Richard Ryan steps up to get some answers once and for all:

It takes a fair amount of homework to get everything squared away before Ryan attempts to recreate the famous scene, but it’s well worth the wait.

Now, you shouldn’t expect the same kind of explosion as you see in the movies, (thanks Hollywood) but this is still pretty cool nonetheless! After all, what’s not to love about slow motion cameras, exploding broadheads and things going ‘boom’?

(Side note: watch for the arrow shooting back upwards at him after the explosion. Pretty insane!)

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