[SHOT Show 2020] Hornady Offering Diverse Array of New Goods


Hornady, best known for its match and defensive ammunition, displayed a large showcase of new goods for 2020 during SHOT Show.

Surprisingly, most of the products featured here in this article aren’t ammunition. Keep scrolling to see the latest from Hornady:

1. Rapid Safe Ready Vault

Hornady Rapid Safe
This Rapid Safe is the perfect size for a handgun, ammunition, and small valuables

This gun storage solution is available in numerous sizes, to fit a single handgun and extra ammunition to large safes. Access to the small safe present at the show is by RFID bracelet, keying in a self-programmed code, or using a physical key.

Prices vary widely dependent on size.

2. A-Tip Match Bullet

Hornady Tip Match bullets
A-Tip Match bullets

This high-tech bullet is precision machined from aluminum to achieve a higher ballistic coefficient. They’re packaged in a polishing bag, instead of being washed after manufacture, to minimize handling and retain their microscopically cloned construction.

3. Handgun Hunter Ammunition

Hornady Handgun Hunter Ammo
Handgun Hunter ammo

Starting with 9mm up to the big bores, this ammo features a copper alloy bullet is filled with an elastomer. The combination is promised to have deeper penetration and greater expansion than regular HP.

4. Subsonic Ammunition

Hornady Subsonic Load
Subsonic load

Now for both rifles and popular handgun chamberings, Hornady’s subsonic loads employ the XTP bullet in handgun loads and Sub-X bullet in rifle cartridges. Long jacket grooves, a flat shape, and synthetic insert help improve expansion.

5. Outfitter Ammunition

Hornady Outfitter Ammunition
Outfitter Ammunition

This rifle ammunition is made for big game. It has a corrosion-resistant, nickel plated case that’s sealed watertight and carries Hornady’s rugged GMX bullet. Packaged in 20-round boxes.

6. Frontier Ammunition

Hornady Frontier Ammunition
Frontier Ammunition

Frontier ammo is made in chamberings for popular modern sporting rifles and 6.5 Grendel. With brass cases and Hornady bullets, this is a workhorse load available in quantities from 20 to 1,000.

7. Auto Pro powder Measure

Measure powder to within 0.1 grain with this smallest-in-class powder measure, as soon as it becomes available on the Hornady website. Store up to four custom settings and enjoy a backlit keypad, along with other features.

Auto-charge pro powder measure and precision measurement station

8. Precision Measurement Station

This eight-pound station helps hand-loaders evaluate bullet quality and consistency. It precisely compares any bullet to another to achieve an exacting degree of refinement. It includes five bushings, seven bullet comparators and an accessory mount.

Hornady is a long-standing and deeply respected name in the ammunition business. The company’s continual development of new products in an industry currently in a moderate downturn is encouraging to see.

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