Alberta Game Warden Frees Two Locked Deer Using a Shotgun


This time of year is often slow for most game wardens, but earlier this month a fish and wildlife officer in Calgary, Alberta was credited for an incredible rescue on two entangled whitetail bucks.

Officer Scott Kallweit responded to the call from Russ and Shelley Wright after the couple discovered two male whitetails had locked their antlers together during a violent skirmish, according to CBC News.

Upon arriving to the scene and seeing what he was dealing with, Kallweit came to the conclusion that tranquilizing was out of the question because one would likely injure the other.

Kallweit explained to Global News how “being the only officer on scene was a limiting option.” So he did some quick thinking and brought out his shotgun loaded with slugs. He took aim, collected himself and fired – miraculously hitting the antlers and freeing the two locked deer.

Both Shelley and Russ captured the shot on video.

“It was once in a lifetime. I don’t think I’ll probably ever see something like that again. It was so cool. It was just a good outcome,” Shelley said.

If you’re ever in a similar situation and come across a pair of locked bucks, we urge you to take the same steps as Shelley and Russ by calling game wardens. A responding officer will be better suited to handle this type of situation.

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