Classic Hunting Footage: Fred Bear Hunts Bengal Tiger with a Recurve Bow


When it comes to dangerous game hunts, not many people have – or ever will be able to – hunt Bengal tiger. However, it should come to no surprise that Fred Bear once did back in 1963 while on a trip to India. And with a recurve bow, too!

There’s not a whole lot of people who can say they’ve harvested a grizzly with a recurve or tangled with a polar bear using a long bow, but Fred Bear accomplished both of these incredibly dangerous feats in his lifetime.

Here we’ve highlighted another classic Fred Bear hunt, which took him all the way to India to hunt Sika and Axis deer, and of course a Bengal tiger..

Check out the classic hunting footage below:

Did anyone notice around the 6:30 mark that he had filed the point on his broadhead down to a sharp rounded point? I once watched a video of Ted Nugent sharpening a 2 blade broadhead in a similar fashion, and he was talking about how Fred taught it to him in order to strengthen the point and how it prevents the arrow from rolling over when it hits hard bone.

Pretty cool to see Fred actually doing it himself!

Fred Bear is often considered the “father of bowhunting” and his legend continues to grow larger with time. No hunter has ever influenced bowhunting quite like Bear did, and it’s very likely nobody ever will.

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