The Best Owl Locator Calls


Like many of you probably are right now, I’ve been keeping tabs on a handful of spots where I plan to hunt for turkeys this spring, so I thought now would be an appropriate time to talk about the best owl locator calls locator calls. Which are the best, how they work and how to use them to your advantage.

Locator calls have been used by turkey hunters specifically for ages. It’s just anther element of turkey hunting that makes it, in my opinion, the most entertaining pursuit in the woods.

Using an owl call early in the morning while birds are still on the roost is a popular tactic for getting turkeys to sound off, and you can use the same strategy later in the evening to “put the birds to bed” for the next morning hunt.

The two most common calls you’ll likely find in any experienced turkey hunter’s vest are an owl and a crow call, though there are several others that are effective as well. We’ll get into that another time, for now here are the three best owl locator calls you can add to your turkey hunting arsenal:

Woodhaven Custom Calls – The Real Owl

Best Owl Locator Calls
  • Custom wood barrel
  • Hand tuned with proper reed and mouth pieces
  • Produces realistic 8 note owl sounds
  • Produces the laughs of a barred owl
  • Easy to use

Buy Now: $59.99

Zink Night Owl

Best Owl Locator Calls
  • Made from unique hedge wood
  • Produces calls of a barred owl
  • Great early morning locator

Buy Now: $61.99

Hooks Harrison Hoot’n Stick Signature Series Owl Locator Call

Best Owl Locator Calls
  • This version of the Harrison Hoot’n Stick the Hoot’n Stick Signature Series Owl Locator Call is hand turned and signed by 5 time Grand National Owl Hooting Champion James Harrison.
  • This call is made of Osage that James burnt with a torch to highlight and darken the natural grain of the wood.
  • James Harrison tuned each call personally to ensure the best owl sounds possible accurately re-producing most of the sounds of the barred owl.

Buy Now: $69.99


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