Florida Man Jumps Head First Into Fort Myers Bass Pro Fish Tank


A video that was shared on Facebook shows a man inside the Fort Myers Bass Pro Shops at Gulf Coast Town Center run up a flight of stairs, hop over a barrier and dive head first into the topless fish tank.

The man’s identification remains unknown, but witnesses say the incident happened on Sunday. The video was then shared on Facebook by Francisco Abraham Perez on Monday with the caption “Well boys only in Ft.Myers.”

This isn’t the first time somebody attempted this sort of stunt, as it’s part of an ‘online challenge’ people call the “Bass Pro Challenge” – where a person runs into a Bass Pro store and takes a swim in the fish tank while somebody films it.

Following the incident, Bass Pro Shops released a statement which reads in part:

“This incident is illegal, dangerous and highly discouraged. We work with law enforcement to investigate all individuals who personally attempt or are involved with such activities.”

According to ABC7, Lee County Sheriff’s Office said it does not have a report about the fish tank incident.

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