Bobcat Makes Effortless Jump Over The River


Given the current lack of sporting events to watch, we’ve been forced to find entertainment elsewhere lately. Thankfully, a number of outdoor brands have stepped up to the plate and created ways to keep people entertained, but wildlife all across the world has really stolen the spotlight these days!

In the footage below, a bobcat is seen crossing a weir in Pecan Island, Louisiana when it comes to a wide gap. The bobcat pauses for a moment, and then makes a remarkable leap across from one side to the other.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Ryan Olivier, who titled the video “Does the bobcat make it?”

Lets watch and find out:

Not even a running start. That’s just incredible. Notice how the cat not only sticks the landing, showing remarkable prowess, but continues in stride hopping to the next stump and the next before eventually reaching the other side.

This one might even top the famed “Parkour Bobcat” we saw a couple of years ago!

This type of behavior in the middle of the day is rare for bobcats because they are typically nocturnal predators. However, after briefly scrolling through the comments under the video, the cat has performed this stunt before. Perhaps this is just the route he takes back to his den each day, until it’s time to come out again at night to hunt. I imagine making that leap in the dark isn’t much fun at all, though.

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