6 Outdoorsman-Themed Gifts You Can Find Online


As the holidays approach, and gift shopping commences, most of us would rather spend our time in the woods or on the water than in line during a Black Friday event. The information age has made holiday shopping available at our fingertips, but now is the time to do your shopping if you want to get those gifts wrapped and under the Christmas tree.

If you don’t know where to begin, or you’re trying to find a gift for someone that already has everything, here are six ideas that are great for any hunter, angler or outdoor enthusiast.

  1. Nikwax Waterproofing and Cleaning Products

While you can always add another jacket or pair of boots to someone’s wardrobe, most of us are pretty particular about tastes in our outdoor gear. However, a treatment for those products is a one-size-fits-all approach. Nikwax products are designed to extend the life of synthetic base layers, Gore-Tex shells, and leather, making it the gift that keeps on giving.


2. onX Maps

Sometimes it’s difficult to read a digital map on your cell phone when you’re in an area that you need it most. A handheld GPS is a great tool to have, but it’s one more gadget to lug around. onX Maps is an app that allows you to save areas of maps ahead of time, and even navigate with your phone’s location while offline or in airplane mode, to save battery. With the ability to place and share waypoints, read topo, see the geological makeup, and even differentiate private from public lands, it almost makes GPS devices obsolete.


3. Droptine Spirits

If the hunter in your family already has all the calls, camo, decoys, game cameras and treestands they’ll ever need, you can always stuff a stocking with some celebratory spirits. Droptine Spirits are the brainchild of Len and Dave Eder, founders of Eders.com, where you can shop for everything else a bowhunter might want or need.


4. Zombait

While it may not be practical to cover fresh bait in wrapping paper, the Zombait is an electronic device that brings bait back to life, by reanimating its natural movements. The product made its debut at ICAST earlier this year, after a kickstarter campaign got the device off the ground, onto the market, and into the hands of anglers.


5. Bell and Howell TacLight

Even though most outdoor enthusiasts probably already own a flashlight, this particular one is a much higher quality piece of outdoor equipment that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The TacLight is 22 times brighter than an average flashlight, waterproof and tough as nails. Used by law enforcement and military personnel, this light is a reliable and durable product. While it’s available from many online outlets, purchasing directly from the TryTacLight.com website gets you a second light for a $10 fee. You can keep them in separate places, or spread a few amongst family and friends this holiday season.


6. Ruffwear

Don’t forget the pooch! If you’re looking for a canine gift, check out the goods at Ruffwear. The company not only practices using sustainable sourced materials and reduces waste, but was also named by Outside online as one of the top outdoor companies to work for. The quality construction that goes into their products will stand the test of time, and they have a variety of useful backpacks, life jackets, and toys that will make a great gift for a canine companion.

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