Here’s Why Bates Tactical Boots are Fantastic Tactical Footwear


Bates tactical boots are some of the most affordable and durable tactical boots on the market. Although, like with many products that are prefaced with “tactical” in the name, there is some question as to what that actually means. In some cases, that just means somebody slapped some camouflage colors on a product, or had somebody who looks like an ex special forces operator modeling it. In other words, it is really easy to call something tactical, but much harder to actually be useful for tactical purposes.

Just what are tactical purposes, and what do boots have to do with it?

Well, we are going to assume that “tactical” in this sense refers to law enforcement, security or military- situations that require quality footwear designed around the unique needs of the person wearing them. Of course, most soldiers are issued their own boots, so let’s look at the needs of law enforcement and security when it comes to a great tactical boot. And of course, just because a boot is called tactical, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be an excellent boot for everyday use.

Bates tactical boots offer certain definable qualities that appeal to people who do more than just walk around in their boots. A law enforcement or security officer needs comfortable boots that are lightweight, slip resistant, able to be ran in, sturdy enough to hold up to heavy use, and ideally should be waterproof and possibly insulated against the cold. Steel toes probably are going to be desired, and in a pinch, they should be easy to put on, and take off in case of an injury.

If we take a look at Bates tactical boots we see a lot of recurring themes that make for some great tactical footwear.

We were really impressed with their Women’s GX-8 insulated tactical boots. Not only do they neatly define tactical boots, Bates took the time to tailor them for the physical needs of women as well. Starting at the bottom, we see rugged soles that will provide solid traction under pretty much any condition. The side zip feature allows rapid removal if needed, while traditional laces are still present. It is a tall boot, providing plenty of ankle support, and the Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet nice and dry. Leather and nylon construction, plus thermal insulation make this a really nice tactical boot.

This is another great example of Bates tactical boots. The “sport boot” offers the kind of construction and design features of a tactical boot, without really looking like a boot. Let’s face it, boots are nice, but so are regular shoes, and when you can wear something like this, why wouldn’t you? Still easy to run in, great to wear all day, and providing good ankle support, the only real drawback is that this boot isn’t really designed for wet and cold weather. But if you are working in a dry and warm area, there is nothing wrong with it.

Bates tactical boots are available in many different configurations, from straight up combat boots, to sleek lightweight boots ideal for police and security. Bates builds their boots with top grain leather, premium grade nylon, and uses high strength cement to assemble boots with maximum strength and waterproofing.

When selecting a Bates tactical boot, consider the end use. Corrections and security officers who spend a lot of time on their feet will want something that offers plenty of ankle protection, as well as being comfortable to walk and stand in all day. Law enforcement may favor sport style boots that look good with a uniform, but also provide all the benefits of a good pair of tactical boots.

Persons who have to spend a lot of time outdoors and off the pavement may find value in the combat style boots that are both rugged and well suited for outdoor terrain. However, that isn’t to say any decent pair of boots won’t do the job.

As you can see, Bates offers a wide array of tactical boots for men and women. They are well reviewed and very popular with people who have to respond to dangerous situations and can’t afford to be let down by their boots.

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