Top 5 Guns for Deer Hunting


Tis’ that time of year where we all don our best camouflage clothing and chase Da Turdy Point Buck! Some of us have been using the same gun for decades while others might be shopping around for newer options. What do you get? What is popular? What is trustworthy? This is our list of the “Top 5 Guns for Deer Hunting.”

Honorable Mention – Browning BAR

The Browning BAR will not break into this Top 5 list, but deserves attention because of it being such a stalwart rifle for hunting. Offered in a wide assortment of calibers, and available with their patented B.O.S.S. Muzzle Brake (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System), the Browning BAR can be very accurate when paired with some good ammunition. Overall though, semi-automatic rifles are less accurate than other action types, are prone to jamming in cold weather, and their owners are prevalent to spray more ammo than they are to take precise, ethical shots.

guns for deer hunting
Browning BAR Mark II Safari w/ B.O.S.S. [Photo Credit: Browning]

#5 – Remington 7600

The Remington 7600 is not flying off the shelves for modern day hunters, but an entire generation of our fathers and grandfathers whole-heartedly endorsed this rifle to great success. The cliché beauty of a pump is… “They always work.” When cold weather strikes, they never freeze up. If they do, then… “You did not eat a hearty-enough breakfast and need to pump harder, son!” The Remington 7600 are considered great brush guns for their compact size and the universal caliber offerings mean you can always find ammo even in the most remote of places. A reliable pump always makes for a trustworthy hunting firearm.

guns for deer hunting
Remington Model 7600 [Photo Credit: Remington]

#4 – Tikka T3X

Tikka rifles have gained significant traction with hunters in the last decade as they have become more readily available from dealers in US. Traditionally known for their sub-MOA accuracy and great triggers out-of-the-box, at their moderate price-points they are a great rifle. The only significant drawback is finding the correct rings to match up with the proprietary mounting system; otherwise, this rifle would have landed much higher on this list.

guns for deer hunting
Tikka T3x Forest [Photo Credit: Tikka]

#3 – Savage Axis II

The Savage Axis II is often paired with a factory scope to make it a great entry-level package for hunters. The Axis II also boasts the Savage AccuTrigger which is safe, adjustable and can produce a very light trigger pull, if so desired. The detachable box magazine is another great convenience when getting in-and-out of vehicles, or tree stands. For the value that these rifles sell at they are becoming a favorite for new hunters or people looking to add an economical rifle to their fold. The wide caliber selection, youth offerings and left-hand choices make it a versatile choice for all deer hunters.

guns for deer hunting
Savage Arms Axis II [Photo Credit: Savage Arms]

#2 – Marlin 336

The Marlin 336 slides into the #2 spot because of its capacity, straight-wall caliber choices and smooth action. In comparison to Winchester, a brand new Marlin in .30-30 Win retails for $635 while a Winchester requires $1,199. When it comes to putting venison in the freezer the Marlin looks a lot more tantalizing for your wallet. The fewer internal components also equates to a smoother levering action. The Marlin 336 commands the #2 spot also because many states stipulate that straight-wall cartridges only be allowed for hunting. This gives the Marlin 336 more utility throughout the US. Finally, the magazine tube gives users 6 or more rounds while most bolt-action rifles offer 4 or less with the possibility to lose that magazine. The brush-plowing dependability of the Marlin 336 awards it the #2 spot on our list.

guns for deer hunting
Marlin 336 [Photo Credit: Marlin]

#1 – Savage Arms 220

For the #1 spot on this list we have a bolt-action shotgun unlike those from the past. The Savage Arms 220 is known to accurately shoot 200 – 300 yards while leaving a hole twice the size of a .30 Cal cartridge. The energy of a sabot slug coupled with its long-range accuracy makes it a great deer gun. Similar to the Marlin 336, some states have perplexing rules which only allow for firearms chambered in shotgun calibers for hunting. This gives the Savage Arms 220 a tremendous upside for potential buyers. Better yet, this bolt-action shotgun boasts the Savage AccuTrigger, has a detachable box magazine and takes standard Model 10/110 mounts. For all of those reasons, the Savage Arms 220 is “king of the hill” for a utilitarian hunting gun. Perfect for whitetail deer! Also suitable for pigs, bear, moose, mule deer or other large North American game you might chase.

guns for deer hunting
Savage Arms Model 220 [Photo Credit: Savage Arms]

Do you own any of the firearms on our list or have you been contemplating purchasing any of them? Do you completely disagree and think this list stinks? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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