These Are The Top 3 Vexus Boats You Can Get Today


Vexus boats is a company that manufactures high performance boats and marine products for fishing purposes. Based out of Arkansas, the company has long been considered to be one of the more innovative boat manufacturers in the industry.

Here are the three best Vexus boats that you can buy today:

Vexus AVX189

 The Vexus AVX189 is the cheapest boat available from Vexus, with a new MSRP of less than $25,000. Nonetheless, the AVX189 still offers excellent comfort and quality, despite being the ‘budget model’ in the Vexus boat line up.

This boat measures just over eighteen and a half feet in length, which makes it very maneuverable and easy to tow, launch, and move around. Despite this, the interior of the boat is very roomy, with plenty of space to move around. It also features an increased dead rise on the front of the boat, which Vexus claims results in an overall much smoother ride.

Vexus also invested heavily in creating enough storage capacity for this boat as well, and that’s why it includes an eight foot center rod box towards the front of the boat with numerous additional storage boxes and containers as well. Each compartment includes stainless steel latches and weather resistant seals.

Last but not least, this boat is also equipped with an air-splash ring, an auto fill vale, recirculating aeration, and fiberglass infused components all over the vehicle.

Vexus AVX1980

One of the more mid-priced Vexus boats on the market is the AVX1980. Generally offered for around five thousand dollars more than the AVX189, the AVX1980 is an incredibly sleek and good looking fishing boat, to the point that many people mistake it for being a hand built fiberglas design.

Measuring just under twenty feet in length, making it an overall larger vessel than the AVX189, this is a very high performance boat with responsive handling, a smooth ride, and stretch formed gunnels.

This boat also plenty of storage space as well, including a nearly nine foot long rod locker, numerous other gear compartments located at both the front and rear of the vehicle, and plenty of extra leg room at the console.

That’s also not to mention that this boat includes a Sea Star Pro Hydraulic Steering System at the helm, with custom-contoured cockpit seating that includes numerous personalizes configuration options, and a remote drain plug control.

All in all, the Vexux AVX1980 offers you numerous first-in-class features with excellent performance and plenty of space.

Vexus AVX2180cc

 The last Vexus boat that we will take a look at today is their flagship model and most expensive boat in their lineup: the AVX2180cc.

Offering up to two hundred horsepower in total, the 2180cc is designed specifically for salt and freshwater adventures alike. Coming in at just under twenty one feet in total length, and with a ninety eight inch beam, Vexus designed this boat to have the most responsive handling and smoothest ride of any boat in their line up. But of course, you’ll pay a price for what you’re getting, as the AVX2180cc is sold with an MSRP price of over thirty-five-thousand-dollars.

At the front of the deck, you will find massive oversized and insulated fiberglass storage boxes, each of which is equipped with raised lips and compression latches to ensure that any outside water is kept out. An insulated cooler is also built-into the boat as an added feature.

Towards the rear of the boat, you will find a massive fiberglass live well with an anti-splash ring and recirculating aeration.

Overall, Vexux makes some of the highest quality fishing boats on the market today, being built to high standards and offering excellent performance. And the best part of all is that each of their boats are built here in the United States of America.

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