Gerber Fastball – The Ideal EDC Folding Knife


When talking EDC [everyday carry] Gerber just recently introduced a knife designed to be smooth, consistent and second nature in operation. Introducing your new favorite EDC knife – the Gerber Fastball.

The Fastball is an American-made EDC knife that lives where precision and polish meet. The trend forward yet practical design has an intuitive finger flipper opening, a utilitarian wharncliffe blade, and an aircraft-grade aluminum handle. Equipped w/ B.O.S.S. Tech™, the Fastball lives up to its name offering quick, smooth deployment – every time.

When selecting a knife for EDC purposes, I look for three basic elements; it should be intuitive to use, safe to deploy, and never waver. Which is where the Fastball’s “B.O.S.S.” technology shines through.

Balls of Stainless Steel technology leverages a ball-bearing system, providing Gerber’s smoothest, most consistent deployment to date. Stainless steel balls reduce friction for seamless opening every time, while the cage system is designed to keep the balls contained for stable performance over the long haul.

In addition, the Fastball is offered in 3 different color ways, so you can select whichever best complements your style: Flat Sage, Urban Grey, or Black.

The Gerber Fastball is also ambidextrous friendly, featuring a 3-position pocket clip for additional carrying options – the carrying clip can also be removed entirely.

So, the only question left unanswered.. will you be adding Gerber’s latest EDC knife to your arsenal of tools? Or do you already have a folding knife that covers your EDC needs? And if so, what specifically do you like about it? Let us know, we always welcome your feedback!

Gerber Fastball

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