Primos AutoPilot Trail Cameras are Simple and Reliable


It’s beginning to look a lot like deer season. The morning air is crisp, and most of us are plotting how we are going to spend this fall. Part of the preseason game-plan process usually involves setting up trail cameras and taking inventory of our local deer herd. While game cameras are nothing new to outdoors men and women, finding one that is actually simple to use is like finding a 30 Point Buck; it is pretty dang hard! Which is where the NEW Primos AutoPilot Trail Camera might save us all.

The new 16MP AutoPilot Trail Camera from Primos is now shipping to retailers, and is built on one founding premise for hunters: simplicity.

Instead of a small, unintelligible computer screen, Primos has done away with that outdated design and moved to 4 simple switches. Just turn it on, slide the switches to your preferred settings and you are good to go! Primos Brand Manager, Eric Hughes, bluntly exclaims how easy to use the Primos 16MP Trail Camera really is:

“This camera practically drives itself. Just put it out, flip a few switches and you are capturing amazing images.”

Primos AutoPilot Trail Camera

This new trail camera from Primos is initially going to be offered in 2 different styles: Low Glow and No Glow.

The 16MP AutoPilot Low Glow will sport an OD Green (Olive Drab Green) finish with an MSRP of $129.99 while the No Glow is covered in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo with the price set at $149.99 per unit. Some of the other specifications for the camera can be read below as presented by Primos:

  • Available in Low Glow and No Glow models
  • Crystal-Clear 16MP Images & 1080p HD Video w/ Audio
  • Auto Exposure prevents “White Out” Images
  • 100-Foot Detection & Nighttime Range
  • Fast 0.3-Second Trigger Speed

One last thing the AutoPilot offers to maintain the mantra of simplicity, is a new AA-battery tray. Simply open the panel, press the eject button, and slide the whole tray out for quick and easy battery replacement. Surely, all hunters can appreciate such ingenuity. So as we all begin to dust off our bows, firearms, and muzzleloaders in pursuit of venison and trophies, make sure you add the AutoPilot to your bowhunting arsenal.

Primos 16MP AutoPilot Trail Camera

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