Outdoor Edge RazorMax Review


A few weeks ago, I broke quarantine with a buddy and made the long drive from Michigan to South Texas to hunt Axis deer and Blackbuck. Needless to say, after the last couple months, it felt good to get out of the house and back in the field again! And the best part was, I had several new products at my disposal to test on this trip – one of which was the RazorMax fixed blade knife made by Outdoor Edge.

RazorMax Review

This knife offers the unique ability to carry and use a couple different blade sizes, which removes the need for carrying multiple knives to serve different purposes. The kit itself comes standard with three 3.5”drop point skinning blades, three 5”boning/filet blades, the knife sheath, a detachable blade holder and the knife itself. Quite the value for a very reasonable $79.95 price point as listed on their website!

Outdoor Edge RazorMax

In addition to those two different blades, Outdoor Edge has added a 3rd compatible blade that makes the job of breaking down an animal even easier. With the addition of the new gut hook blade, you can basically get your animal from field to table only using the RazorMax and its lineup of interchangeable blades. The gut hook is sold separately from the original kit but well worth the investment at only $13.50. The blade storage case is big enough that you will be able to store these blades in there as well, so everything is contained within one knife kit.

RazorMax Gut Hook

I was definitely impressed with the 3.5” blade for skinning and caping purposes. I was able to take two excellent trophies on this hunt – and work my way into some more taxidermy bills – and was able to skin and cape both the Axis and Blackbuck with ease. The knife has a noticeably comfortable feel in the hand and feels easy to control.

RazorMax 5" Blade

The longer 5” blade was perfect for quartering the animal and deboning the meat to get it ready for that long drive back to Michigan.

RazorMax Review

In summary, I would highly recommend the RazorMax knife and all of its compatible blades. For more information, you can head over to their website right here.

For a full video recap, check out the video below of our trip to Texas:

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