It looks like the Texas hunter who set up this trail cam is attracting more than just deer to his feeder. He captured the following image of three men eating out of his deer feeder on a December evening. You just never know what you’ll find when you put out a trail cam.


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96 thoughts on “These Texas Hunters Never Expected to Find THIS on Their Trail Cam

    1. The legal limit on them is it’s all legal. If they claim it was a survival situation and they were very hungry, they can eat that corn up. My recommendation is that after looking at these pictures, maybe put a few cans of fruit and vegetables out there for them. (With a can opener)

      1. My recommendation is, put some rat poisin in the feeder and then bury their illegal ass when they die a death befitting their status.

  1. SHOOT EM So our children and grandchildren can have a life in this country that our blood sweat and tears paved the way for!!! I AM AN AMERICAN… earned it

      1. noun
        noun: American; plural noun: Americans
        a native or citizen of the United States.

        from modern Latin Americanus, from America.

    1. Yes teach our children and grandchildren that we have the right to shoot people we don’t like because we’re American.

  2. Put yourself in their shoes! None of us were here legally at first unless your NATIVE American. Go ahead and vote this down since a lot of it seems to be biggoted in nature

    1. Am a Native American and am tired of them trashing our res in southern AZ…they rob from us, polite our resources, leave their filth every where and have no respect for anyone. Don’t leave food or drink out for them or just encourages them and invites more….they are leeches, parasites and need to be stopped.

      1. I am living in SW Arizona, close to the border and watch the Border Patrol turn their head the other way daily and allow them to walk across the military training facility to the highway and get a ride. DAILY folks

    2. Gabe I won’t assume you are stupid I just think you don’t suspect. Ask your self this is there a boarder and if so is it only for every other country then the US? Secondly do you have any knowledge of what it was like for the legal immigrants that came here once the nation was formed and lastly are you aware that Genes of who and what you call natives are actually from Northwestern Europe to begin with as we now know that our genes carry what are mother and father genes at some point we now know were all shared the same mother, however we did not all share the same father.. I’ll leave that one be for now.. but the bigger point is we are able to look back through the genes of what you call natives and find that in the past northwestern Europeans and what are referred to Natives share mother father genes. These are undeniable scientific facts which school books have not caught up to as they try to formulate how to explain this to children let alone educate the adult population. So all that being said being of North Western European descent where as the Hispanics as of south western European descent I am in my native land if we are to conclude that native is northwestern European descent by the Hispanics are not! So by your own view I am rightly where I belong and they are invaders. so please put your self in my position like a ch-Law my long lost brother who prepared the way for me our lands are being invaded should we not be allowed to protect them?

      1. They do have European roots but only 5-7% have that background, 85-90% contain Native American origin.

      2. Ok….no idea what you’re talking about since I didn’t mention anything about that and because this was over a year ago.

    3. na·tive
      noun: native; plural noun: natives
      a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.

  3. so disappointed that fellow deer hunters could be so disgusting and racist, my family came from mexico and worked hard to get me where I am today. Give people a chance look what year we are living in show some respect. I do not see yall taking jobs for 6 dollars per hour so dont say we are taking jobs because none of you would do those dirty hard jobs for low pay

    1. JUst don’t be going to the area without your guns and a willingness to use them to defend yourself. They could be waiting for a chance to get some cash and weapons. You snooze, you could lose your life and they would also see your wallet and address. Family becomes at risk.

      1. We do NOT travel south of I-8 without a gun, as the illegal traffic is unbelievable and the Border Patrol just turns a blind eye to the illegals.

      2. By orders from that POS sitting in the Whitehouse! My husband was in the Border Patrol many years ago, long before obama was the P.O.T.U.S! That NEVER happened then. So, keep quiet, unless you know the facts!

  4. This is sad. I am only for LEGAL immigration. Yet, my compassion responds to their obvious hunger. Don’t get me wrong. I am for a secure border. I am also for compassion on the poor and they ARE poor. The Bible still says to care for the least of these.
    Now, if i they were ISIS terrorists I’d say blow a hole the size of Texas right through them. I am compassionate, but NOT stupid.

    1. Wrong with the poor comment — Most of the ones I see are wearing $100 sneakers, designer jeans and have a $500 iphone with them. They paid $2000 – $3000 to a coyote to get them across the border, so they are NOT poor.

  5. don’t see anyone eating !!! a feeder with barbed wire around it ???????
    if they were eating that trail cam would have showed a hand towards the mouth !!! all bullshit !!!!

  6. Man, there sure was a lot of conversation around this. I am
    not sure what to think about all of this illegal stuff, one the one had they
    are really making messes causing trouble etc. On the other, I kind of wonder
    what Jesus would do. I am no religious fanatic, but I am a Christian and it
    touches my heart to see someone hungry enough to eat deer corn out of a feeder.
    I don’t care what nationality they are. I am sure against people coming here illegally
    and not going through the proper channels. I don’t know what the answers are
    but I sure don’t think people should be starving to death for trying to make a
    better life for themselves and their family. It’s just a big ole mess that
    sooner or later folks here are going to have to try to figure out. My heart goes out to the folks in Arizona, New
    Mexico and Texas that are constantly dealing with this.

    1. Yeah, what do you think when they break into your home/barn and still everything from tack to personal valuables? These are not the illegals of the past.

  7. Thanks uncle pookie. Surprised he isn’t meeting them at border with license and new car….with GPS set to their new houses. Piece of shit our president….

  8. They look fairly well dressed, for being homeless. Then again most of the poor are better dressed than those with jobs and no lives. 🙁

  9. It’s very sad reading these comments. Those are human beings who diserve common desency. Next time your writing things like this pretend Jesus Christ is standing over your shoulder reading it.

  10. God bless them they want to get to America…………….Please do so legally & become an American or you might be fleeing America in the future………..

  11. Oh man, this is sad. These people are there because they’re hungry. They’re eating. For the love of god, have some empathy. This literally brought a tears to my eyes.

    1. Yeah, and they could be raping your daughter tomorrow. You have no idea who these illegals are, or what kind of men they are.

  12. “Out of the heart the mouth speaks”. You people are cozying up to murder and proving beyond doubt what kind of men you really are. Perhaps some of you have even acted on such hate filled chest thumping. I would suggest seeking Christ Jesus’ forgiveness, and if you have broken the law, let justice be served.

  13. Lmao at comments. Except you far too empathetic fools. You make the bed you sleep in. These guys obviously cant tuck a sheet if thats how they eat. Haha

    1. That’s some ignorant shit spewing out of your talkin’ hole. Why don’t you shut up so everyone won’t know how stupid you are?
      Being born in to poverty in Mexico is very different from being born in to poverty in the U.S..

  14. These guys MIGHT be just simple workers. The next guys MIGHT be drug smugglers or human trafficers. They MIGHT just break into a ranch or farmhouse and steal from an American family…and possibly do them great harm. It’s fine to have “empathy”, but they are breaking our laws and a % of these people are very bad guys. Yes, we have bad guys who are citizens…so no, we don’t need any more. The thugs who do come across gravitate to the barrios and bring crime and drugs to the kids of legal Hispanic citizens! Come in legally and documented, or stop them from coming in at all!

  15. Since this is Texas these guys are most likely illegals looking for a meal. I would call the sheriff and Border Patrol and have these guys detained and escorted back to Mexico.

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