Venison Taco Tuesday


Venison Taco Tuesday has always been a staple in my household, and since I have some extra steak in my freezer from a hunt in Texas this past December, I’ve been shaking things up for Taco Tuesdays with a more polished venison taco.

This has been my favorite method to use lately because it’s easy, and a delightful break from the same old pre-made taco seasoning packet. Instead, take a stroll down the seasoning isle and grab some carne asada seasoning. I used this one from Lawry’s. You’ll also need some limes, fresh cilantro and which ever kind of tortilla you prefer.

My prep starts the morning I’m planning on cooking the tacos. I always remove the steaks from the packaging they were stored in and give them a good rinse before marinating with lime juice and sprinkling with the carne asada seasoning, then back in the fridge they go for the day!

Venison Taco Tuesday

When I’m ready to cook, I pre-heat a grill or cast iron – in this case I’m using a Campchef Pro 90X – over medium-high heat. If you’re using a cast iron, pour in roughly a tablespoon of avocado oil or any cooking oil you have in the cupboard.

Once the grill/oil is hot, carefully lay the steaks down.

When the steaks are evenly placed on the grill, let them sizzle and cook on one side until you see a nice sear before flipping. Brown the opposite side, then get them off the grill to prevent overcooking. Nobody likes a chewy steak taco!

Let them rest for about 10 minutes before slicing.

Venison Taco Tuesday

When you go to slice the steaks, use a sharp knife and cut thin pieces going against the grain of the meat. This will help break up some of those muscle fibers and add extra tenderness.

Squirt more lime on top and sprinkle with fresh cilantro and the other toppings of your choice, and you’ve got yourself a mean venison taco on your hands! You could also get crazy and make some killer nachos on a bed of tortilla chips and some Pico de Gallo..

Just follow your taste buds!

Venison Taco Tuesday

There’s nothing like being able to cook dinner outside on a hot summer night, but these venison tacos reminded me of just how fast the deer season is approaching and had me instinctively dreaming of fall.

How many days until your season kicks off? And what will be the first meal you make with your venison this year?

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