Kansas State Set to Join Concealed Carry Campus Trend


It appears that Kansas State will be joining the concealed carry campus trend, starting in 2017.

Kansas follows constitutional carry gun laws, which means anyone is allowed to carry a concealed handgun without having a permit for it. The Kansas State student-run newspaper – The Collegian – states that both teachers and students are prohibited from having firearms on campus, but come 2017, those rules are going to change.

Back in August, Texas made headlines after allowing students at public universities with concealed carry permits to carry on campus. Of course, with the new ruling, came some protesting and anguish from certain students at the University of Texas.

Below, is a timeline of events that highlights all the moves K-State made to get this rule in place:

Concealed Carry Campus trend

 Kansas State won’t be the last school to allow concealed carry on campus. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next university to join this concealed carry on campus trend.

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