This one falls in line with all the other strange turkey behavior we’ve seen lately.

Yes, turkeys are very strange creatures; simply glancing at one will tell you that much. But in case you missed it, we’ve been witnessing some very odd, and even spooky turkey behavior lately, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to an end any time soon.

So, let’s set the scene: A Shorewood, Minnesota, resident comes home one afternoon to find a broken out window and a very unusual house guest lounging on the sofa.

When the bird would’t give up his spot on the couch, the homeowner called the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department to assist in showing this guest the door, but the bird was not having it. Perhaps he’s aware it’s turkey season out there and is looking for a better hiding spot . . .

Eventually, the couch potato turkey vacated the home and found a better spot up in an oak tree.

Image courtesy Facebook

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