Team of Americans Led by Former Navy SEAL Hits 5,000-Yard Shot for New Long-Range World Record


Well, a long-range shooting world record set by a team of Russians at Lobaev Arms didn’t hold up very long . . .

According to a post on Facebook, a team of Americans – led by former Navy SEAL Sniper Charlie Melton – had already reached out a little further than the Lobaev Arms team, and connected with a 40-inch steel target on a shot from 5,000 yards away. 

Charlie Melton, who has an impeccable military resume, and is the owner of Charlie Mike Precision shooting school, knows a thing or two about long-range shooting. Among others, Melton reportedly worked with Brad Stair of Performance Guns to accomplish this impressive feat.

The shot amounted to roughly 2.84 miles, and the bullet was in the air for a little over 12 seconds!

Because we know you’ll want a rundown of the gear used by Charlie, we made sure to list everything from the rifle to the scope:

  • Rifle – Performance Guns Armalite AR-30 .408 Tejas
  • Barrel – 31″ Pac-Nor & Armalite Muzzle Brake
  • Ammo – 420 Grain Screw Machined Bullets
  • Trigger – Jewel Triggers set at 6 oz.
  • Bi-Pod – Shots Gunsmithing designed for the Armalite AR-X series
  • Scope – Nightforce NXS 12-45x56mm
  • Rings – Ivey Adjustable Scope Rings with a Charlie TARAC Prism

 As far as the number of shots it took for Charlie to get on target, TheFireArmBlog is reporting he connected on the 37th shot attempt; being that Charlie’s target was a stones throw away from 3 miles downrange, we say good shooting, sir!

A big congratulations goes out to everyone involved in helping make this shot happen. Now we wait for them to reach out even further, and make a 6,000 yard shot . . .

Anybody think they can do it? 

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